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Composed of two layers of glass (special needs also can use three layers of glass),surrounded by special fireproof glue sealing. Fireproof glue between perfusion, after it is solidified transparent jelly and glass are bonded into a whole.


Fireproof principle:

When meet the high temperature, fire layer between glass transparent jelly will quickly induration, fireproof heat insulation board form an opaque. To prevent the spread of flame at the same time, but also prevent heat transmitting back fire surface. The fireproof glass has the advantages of fire insulation performance, and the sound insulation effect is outstanding. It can be processed into arc.




fire doors and windows, building courtyard and atrium, sharing space, computer room fire partition wall.

Correlation Table


Variety / Index


Monolithic cesium potassium fireproof glass

Grouting fireproof glass

Aging property

Good weather resistance,the color never change under outdoor natural light condition.

Poor weather resistance, after UV irradiation 100h, may appear bubble, yellow, and even lost.

Visible Light Transmittance

High transmittance, same as single float glass.
5mm       86%
6mm       84%
8mm       82%
10mm      81%
12mm      78%
15mm      76%
19mm      72%

Transmittance is less than single float glass, generally below 70%

Intensity capacity

6-12 times of normal float glass

Same as normal float glass


Can be directly used for external curtain wall

Can’t be directly used for external curtain wall, only used for indoor partition or small area fire door

Processing performance

Can be processed, such as being processed into laminated glass,IGU glass,reflective glass, hot bending fireproof glass.

Difficult to deep process, can only be made of IGU glass, hot bending glass

Installation  difficulty

Lightweight, small thickness, easy to install

Heavy, big thickness, difficult to install, fragile

Safety performance

When the impact is broken, the particle is very small

Affected by the impact, easy to hurt

When exceed the fire resistance time, the glass will soften.

When exceed the fire resistance time, the glass is broken.