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Diffused glass is one kind of Patterned glass, by rolling a special pattern on glass surface to maximize the sunlight into the scattered light entering the greenhouse.

Popular pattern are Mistlite, Nashiji and Aqualite.

To improve crop photosynthesis, increase crop productivity;Greenhouse with diffused glass can yield more than about 20%(tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, strawberries) than ordinary clear float glass Greenhouse, and the vitamin C, vitamin E, soluble sugar content increases significantly in fruit.

High light transmittance. The LT can reach 91.5%+ for the ultra clear patterned glass for Greenhouse according to NEN2675.

High diffuse. Sunshine through the glass, since the glass suede and pattern refraction, direct light into diffused light, which can reduce the intensity of sunlight irradiation, reduce the plant's light inhibitory effect.