• Name: Slik Screen
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Ceramic frit glass is also called enamel glass, which is the most popular decorative safety glass. According to design or color requirement, anti-high-temperature inorganic enamels is impressed on the glass surface by screen printer. After drying and tempering the enamels will be sintered in the glass surface forever, sintering and tempering completed at one time. It is a kind of safety decorative glass material with anti-acid-alkali, corrosion resistance and all of the properties of tempered glass.

We have strategic partnership with USA company ---Ferro, which is top brand for enamels in the word. We always use Ferro's environmental protection products which is lead-free and cadmium-free in priority. Since Ferro has the production base located in Zibo City where we are, we can provide bidding samples for designers' approval fast and orders delivery will be on time.