• Name: Online Low-E
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Online Low-E coating glass is a new energy-saving glass with high reflectivity of far infrared radiant. It is produced in the Tin Bath and Lehr,by continuous pyrolysis,the coating metal materials deposits on the moving float glass surface through CVD and MOCVD technics in the high temperature.It is also called hard coated low-E glass.Due to its continuous filming, there are no heating up,cleaning, drying and other steps,so that it has bigger production capacity, lower production cost and stronger coating in glass body.Low-E glass is the necessary material for curtain wall and window which demand energy-saving.Moreover,online Low-e can be single glazed and available for further processing like tempered or laminated.

◆Efficient energy saving and environmental protection

◆Excellent natural lighting

◆Steady chemical properties

◆Steady hot workability

◆Steady mechanical properties

◆It is not necessary to remove the coating from the edges in IGU fabrication