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SGP interlayer film, a new laminated glass interlayer film which has a major innovative technologies, beyond the existing technology, greatly expanding the performance of the laminated glass. The strength of SGP is five times than ordinary PVB, the hardness is 100 times than ordinary PVB. Compared to conventional PVB interlayer material, SGP is the best configuration of ultra clear glass with greater strength, higher transparency, more compatibility with structural adhesive. Because of its excellent performance, it has been widely used in various high-rise building walls, large skylights, glass guardrail with unobstructed sight, bullet-proof fence and other uses you can get.




Laminated glass with SGP interlayer film has a good integrity, the tear strength of SGP film is five times than PVB film, in case of the glass broken, the SGP film can also be adhered with the damaged glass to a temporary structural, which can withstand a certain amount of load and will not fall, which greatly improves the safety of the glass.

◆ Superior structural strength to reduce the thickness of the glass: saving 40% glass main materails, reducing the weight of walls

◆ Excellent safety performance after glass breakage: the formation of a temporary structure after damage, small bending deformation and will not fall

◆ Edge stability, good compatibility with structural adhesive: superior weather resistance, suitable for open edge design use

◆ Excellent anti-invasive properties: the best combination of explosion-proof&bullet-proof glass

◆ Yellowness index less than 1.5: and achieve crystal clear with ultra clear glass

◆ High-strength metal bonding capacity: innovative glass structure design, achieve large vision effect

SGP Laminated Glass