Fire resistant glass, in the fire the main function is to control the spread of fire or smoke, is a type of fire protection materials, the fireproof effect evaluated by the fire resistance performance. It is through the special craft processing, and can keep the integrity and the heat insulation in the fire resistance test. Fire resistant glass can be made by float glass, tempered glass, composite fireproof glass and single fireproof glass.In a certain period of time, it can keep the integrity of fire-resistant,blocking backfires and gases.


High fire-resistant performance: which can retain integrity in 120 minutes at the blazed impact above 1000℃,so it can stop the spread of fire and smoke range effectively.


High transparent capacity: the light transmission is the same as float glass, it can keep transparency and brightness if fire happens, which enables people to observe the fire and take the right solution to escape and rescue.


High intensity capacity: the intensity is 6-12 times of normal float glass, and 1.5-3 times of termpered glass.


High weather resisting capacity: resistant to heat,cold,sunshine,water,moistureand permanent non-discolored.


High security capacity: when the glass is broken, it turns very small particle, not harmful for people.


High selectivity capacity: there are a variety of thicknesses for choice. According to different design requirements, it can be processed into insulated fireproof glass, laminated fireproof glass and other energy-saving fireproof glass.


The fire resistance classification: 30min, 60min, 90min, 120min, 180min.