Acid etched glass... a lot more than you might think!

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2022-03-21 11:28

Acid etched glass is made through a very special manufacturing process.
Apply the hydrofluoric acid recipe to the glass and rinse it off. This allows for a smooth surface finish with excellent performance in terms of durability, abrasion resistance and stain resistance. Nothing is added to the glass, which means it will never fade or wear out. The acid etching process leads us to create different finishes with different transparencies.

Deciding which type of glass to use for exterior applications can be tricky. There are many considerations, one of which is crucial to the people inside the building, and that is light! Natural light has been shown to enhance human mood and behavior (making them perform better), not to mention energy saving. Keep that in mind, acid etched glass, and more specifically the velvet and opaque finishes, provide 89% and 90% haze, respectively, which means it doesn't let sunlight hit one particular spot, but "scatters" light into a larger area. It also means that no one will be blinded by glare.

We all know the importance of privacy and how difficult it is to achieve it with glass. Whether it's bathroom windows, office partitions, interior or exterior doors, or even showers, we want to have some discretion but still be able to let light through. All 4 acid etched finishes can provide this. Even the "darkest" etched opaque finish offers the lowest level of translucency yet offers excellent light transmission at 91%, making it ideal for those types of applications. Acid etched glass can also be done on both sides of the glass, creating more privacy.

Another interesting thing about the acid etching process is that it can be used not only for glass but also for mirrors. The satin finish provides a highly polished surface that provides the mirror with the best combination of reflection reduction and light absorption, while providing some depth. You might be wondering what could be used for an acid etched mirror, which is perfect for wall applications or any decorative application in a room.

As you can see, acid etched glass has many advantages and can be used in a variety of applications, both interior and exterior.

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