New cooperation projects in the Southeast Asian market

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2022-03-21 11:33

Due to the vigorous development and rapid development of the construction industry in the Southeast Asian market, it has brought a lot of opportunities to domestic trade supply.
As a competitive company with 8 years of experience in architectural glass production and export, PANEU GLASS has established foundational relationships with several construction projects in the Southeast Asian market.
Below are some of the architectural glass we offer, such as silk screen glass, tempered laminated glass and insulating glass, etc.

PaneuGlass held a glass exhibition in Beijing from May 24th to 26th, which was very successful. We have met many clients from different countries, such as France, Israel, Belgium, Estonia, Russia, Iran, South Korea, etc. Not only our regular customers for further business, but also many new customers are interested in our wide range of architectural glass products. So we had a very meaningful meeting with our previous clients and also developed a very friendly relationship with our new clients.


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